Making the most of an Injury

The torn ligaments in my ankle have been driving me nuts. Actually, to be more accurate it’s the inability to get out training that’s driving me nuts so the other day I decided to try an easy session on the turbo trainer. The idea was that if it did hurt too much I could easily stop and get off, not something I could do if I was 20 miles from home.

It felt OK, unclipping from the pedals was pretty painful but otherwise it felt OK whilst I was on the bike. My ankle hurt a fair bit in the evening, but it seems to do that anyway. I had another go yesterday and did a slightly longer, slightly harder session on the turbo trainer and all was fine. So, it’s time to make the most of my current injury. I may not be able to swim, run, go circuit training or anything else, but cycling on my road bike seems to have no adverse effects so I guess I should use this time to work on my cycling.

The weather was perfect for cycling today so I ventured out on the road bike, hoping that my ankle would last for the 60 mile ride that I had planned. I took it easy most of the way, and felt good on the big climb out of Dinas Mawddwy up to the top of the pass and then hit close to 50mph on the descent to Cross Foxes. My ankle felt fine and I had a good few hours on the bike in the sunshine.

The total ride was actually 57 miles long with 862m of climbing. Since getting home I have managed to hurt my ankle slightly my leaning on it funny but during the ride it wasn’t a problem and it actually felt the best it has immediately after the ride so it may have even done it some good. Unfortunately the weather looks set to take a turn for the worse over the ext few days so I may not get out on my bike as much as I’d like but we’ll see.

It actually looks as though it’ll be perfect windsurfing weather, but there’s no way I could do that at the moment.

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