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Hill Reps 0

After the Storm

After the crazy few days of weather thanks to Storm Emma with a healthy helping hand from Ivor, things finally quietened down on Sunday. There was still plenty of snow lying around here and there even at sea level and plenty more in the hills, but the destruction caused by the storm was clear. Storm...

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Hill Reps on the Roman Steps 0

Hill Reps on the Roman Steps

Another good day’s training under my belt on Sunday with yet more hill reps. For the last few weeks my┬áSunday morning run session has consisted of hill reps. I have usually been doing these on the Caer Gybi Climb just outside Machynlleth, but also did some on week on the Climb up the to National...

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Glan Dyfi 10 Heart Rate 2

A Week of Triathlon Training

I haven’t written much about my triathlon training lately… Not because I haven’t been doing any but mainly because I haven’t had time to fit much blogging in. What with my new job in the Sports and Exercise Department at the University (something else I need to blog about), some painting and decorating jobs that...

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Hills in the Real World 0

Hills in the Real World

Well, that was a bit of a shock to the system. I replied to a thread on Facebook the other day about cycling and how most people loathe the Turbo Trainer saying that I actually quite like mine. I said something along the lines of It’s more time efficient There’s less to set up and...

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HR and Elevation from Hill Reps 0

Running Hill Reps

Sunday mornings usually have me doing a run and a swim these days, and last Sunday was no exception. I couldn’t swim at Machynlleth as the Aquathlon was on and I was supposed to be doing hill reps anyway, so would be better off running on my own. I therefore headed into Aberystwyth nice and...

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Hill Reps 1

Hill Reps

A part of my training my ‘coach’ has prescribed some hill reps to spice up my running and help build some strength. I was quite looking forward to them really as it all helps add some variety to the training sessions and gives me a bit of a challenge. They were supposed to be 75...

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