Jumping and Gybing

It looks as though February could be a windy month. It’s started off well with the weather station recording 43 knots yesterday, and despite still feeling a little unwell I have of course been out windsurfing. I’m not feeling that bad, but do have a sore throat and chest so I haven’t exactly been feeling that dynamic on the water.

I was eased into it on Wednesday though with a fairly marginal session in little waves. Yesterday was a little winder and with a bigger fin I was well-powered the whole time and had a good sail. It was good to see Tom out on the seafront enjoying himself too. It was the first time he’d really sailed out through the waves properly so he was pretty pleased with himself.

I managed a few little jumps and such like but nothing too spectacular. It’s looking good today though, much windier and much bigger waves too. It looks set to last throughout the weekend as well.

Here’s a few clips of some jumps and gybes. I’m still not 100% happy with the positioning of the camera though so will need to experiment a bit on a slightly warmer day.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author DAVE says:

    Nice one Alan , sorry about the lip hope all is better today and you’ll be out in that wind again Dave

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