High Tech Socks!

People who know me will know that I quite like gadgets and high tech toys, and advanced sports equipment such as lightweight, aero carbon bikes are up there at the top of my list of desirable objects.

My latest high tech acquisition is a pair of socks! The packaging of these X-Socks is festooned with lists of all the advanced features that they are supposed to have, and you won’t believe what they’ve thought of and can fit into a simple pair of socks.:

  • Self-adjusting Cuff,
  • AirFlowâ„¢ Ankle Pads,
  • Tow Protector,
  • ToeTip Protector,
  • X-Cross Bandage,
  • Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles’ tendon Protector,
  • Heel Protector,
  • Travers Airflow Channel Systemâ„¢,
  • Anatomically shaped footbeds (different for each foot) with integrated air-conditioning channel.

All of which is supposed to protect and support the foot whilst running and keep your feet at a nice temperature. They’re even made from a number of trademarked materials including AirGoTexâ„¢, Mythlanâ„¢ and Roburâ„¢.

Now that’s what I call a pair of socks! They look quite nice too, but due to my current foot injury I’ve yet been able to try them out properly to see if they are any more comfortable than normal socks whilst running.

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