Dyfi Enduro Winter Warm Up

Wow, I’ve just realised I’m supposed to be riding in a Mountain Bike ‘Race’ at the weekend – That came around sooner than I was expecting. It’s the Dyfi Enduro Winter Warm Up which is a new event for 2011. It’s a “mini-enduro”, in essence, a lower mileage and a compact version of the proper Dyfi Enduro which is held in May.

From what I’ve heard it is going to be laps of the same route, allowing people to do either a 12 mile, 20 mile or 28 mile route. I know that doesn’t add up, but it does if you figure in a little ride from the start at Corris Craft centre to the main lap and then back again at the end. From my calculations I make that likely to be a start at the Corris Craft centre, 2 miles to the main trail, then an 8 mile lap through the trails in the southern part of the Dyfi Forest followed by 2 miles back to the Corris Craft Centre.

I am of course making all of this up, but that would make a distance of 12 miles for those who do one lap, 20 miles for those doing 2 laps and 28 for those doing 3. I’ll be aiming for 3 laps, but at a nice steady pace as if I was on a normal end of month ride.

It should be fun and a good excuse to get out and ride with a big group of people early in the season. I’ve only been on my bike a couple of times since Christmas though so no doubt it will hurt!

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  1. shem says:

    It certanly has come around quick Al! Ill prob do the 20, but if up to it the 28 miler easy pace is deffo going to be the teme for me!

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