Out on the Road Bike – I Need More Gears

With the mini Triathlon looming – my first for 20 years – I thought it would be sensible to dust off the road bike and get out there on the road to see if I can still ride it.

I’ve been using it on the Turbo Trainer recently so I know that it was mechanically (just about) OK, although I did have to make a few adjustments to the setting as I had raised the bars for use on the Turbo Trainer and with them in that position the gear cables were too tight and wouldn’t allow the bars to turn. I guess it would have been fine as long as I didn’t have to go around any corners.

I decided to cycle from Ynyslas to Machynlleth and back which was 25 miles and relatively flat. It wasn’t long though before I decided that I needed some easier gears. The bike is ancient and the lowest gear it has is 42×21, quite a high ratio compared to modern road bikes which all seem to have a 39 tooth chain-ring up front and a cassette that goes to at least 23, sometimes 25 or 28 at the rear. As soon as the road pointed upwards I was out of the addle and struggle with the gear ratio.

I did make it though and although my knee is now a little sore, I kind of enjoyed it and didn’t completely embarrass myself by averaging 18.5mph. Plenty of room for improvement though.

I thought I’d try out Garmin Connect as well as it seems to have improved considerably of late, so here are the details.

3 Responses

  1. Jason (Al bro) says:

    What 25 in 1:25,I better get a move on!

  2. Alan says:

    I’m sure you’ll be fine Jay… Especially with all this ‘secret’ training – You’ve been rumbled!


  3. Merlin says:

    Good luck with your mini Triathlon and I hope your training goes

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