Doing it all over again

I had been doing quite well with my fitness drive recently. I’d been out on the bike or on the Turbo Trainer a fair bit, I’d been swimming once a week and going to circuit training once a week and I’d even started running a little bit. Best of all, I’d lost a little bit of weight, getting myself down from hovering around 78-80Kg down to about 75Kg (on a  good day).

All of that went out of the window last week though when we went on holiday and the main activity of the week (other than keeping warm and dry!) was eating. Cereal, cooked breakfast, toast and waffles for breakfast every day and a large 3 course meal every evening! Not helped by the fact that Anna and Morgan aren’t the biggest of eaters and as we’d paid for the food anything they leave I feel obliged to eat so often in the evenings I would have my starter, Morgans starter, then my main course, followed by my pudding, half of Annas pudding and half or Morgans pudding!

Needless to say I have some weight to lose again as I’m now back to my standard 78Kg or thereabouts! Oh well, lets hope it is easier second time around.

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Alan Cole

Alan is a Freelance Website Designer, Sports & Exercise Science Lab Technician and full time Dad & husband with far too many hobbies: Triathlete, Swimming, Cycling, Running, MTBing, Surfing, Windsurfing, SUPing, Gardening, Photography.... The list goes on.

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