Creatures of the Night

Thought I’d put the moth trap out again last night as it looked set to be dry and we all had the day off today so would have plenty of time to go through it.

I sat with it for a little while at dusk, but then got up again at 4am before it was light and went out to investigate. I was lovely being out in the garden at that time in the morning with nothing but the bats, moths and other creatures of the night as company. It was a lovely still morning, perfect for sitting there watching and listening to the dawn.

  • 2 x Cabbage Moth
  • 2 x Heart and Dart
  • 9 x Garden Tiger
  • 2 x Rosy Minor
  • 4 x White-line Dart
  • 2 x July Highflyer
  • 1 x Poplar Hawkmoth
  • 36 x Large Yellow Underwing
  • 9 x Dark Arches
  • 3 x Scarce Footman
  • 1 x Smoky Wainscot
  • 18 x Common Rustic / Lesser Common Rustic agg.
  • 1 x Rustic
  • 3 x Lackey
  • 1 x Pebble Prominent
  • 2 x Antler Moth
  • 1 x Drinker
  • 1 x Foxglove Pug
  • 1 x Common Carpet
  • 2 x Shuttle-shaped Dart
  • 1 x Flame Shoulder
  • 1x Double Square spot*

Not that exciting but still quite a few moths and lots of lovely Garden Tigers

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