Christmas Offline

Sorry for the lack of updates here recently, but we have an excuse.

I’d like to say that we decided to go offline for Xmas as a matter of choice as it would be nice now and then to ‘get away from it all’ and have no contact with the outside world. However, that wasn’t the case. instead we were forced to take a break from the internet when our phone-line went down on Dec. 19th. To start with it was just a bit crackly and the internet connection was slow or intermittent, but then it went down completely.

The phone companies were informed but the earliest a BT engineer could get to us was Dec. 29th. The phones were certainly acting strange during this period. They seemed fine on Christmas afternoon when everything outside was frozen solid. However, as soon as there was any wind or any thawing then they stopped working and the internet certainly didn’t work. Even more odd though was the fact that the internet would connect briefly for a few minutes after someone had tried to phone us. Very weird indeed.

Sant'as Been!

Santa's Been

Anyway, it meant I couldn’t play with my new iPad that much, although it did give me an excuse to set up a mobile contract on it so that I could at least access the internet to a certain extent. We don’t have 3G coverage here so I was only able to connect through a very slow GPRS connection. It did work, but was not only slow but also a little tempermental due to the poor signal.

At least it gave me lots of time to play with Morgan’s Xmas presents (I do like Lego!) and to spend Xmas lounging around doing very little other than eating and watching films with the family – Maybe, just maybe Anna did something to the phone-line to keep me off the internet?

Anyway, we waited in yesterday for BT to arrive and even phoned in the morning to check that they were still coming. Then, at around Midday they phoned to tell us they couldn’t make it and re-scheduled for today. The engineer arrived at around 8am this morning and within 20 minutes – after I had told him what I suspected was wrong – all was fixed and we were back online.

Now I have 11 days of work to catch up on and 11 days worth of Apps to download to my iPad.

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