Winter Garden Colours

I haven’t mentioned the garden for a while, but it’s still looking OK.

Winter Garden

A Winter Garden

Whilst working on it over the summer one of the things I tried to do was put some plants in that would provide some winter colour. I know we’re not quite into winter yet but it has been pretty frosty out there recently and the plants with winter colours are looking great. The reds of the dogwood and the Phormium look lovely and the deep purples of the hebe look nice too. It’s still early days as the bed in which they are growing was new this year so the plants are new too and will take a while to fill the bed properly. I’m pleased so far though and the plan is going well.

Winter Colours

Winter Colours

The autumnal oranges and yellows are still in evidence too with the yellowing Tamarisk in the background, the warm browns of the dead goldenrod and the bright oranges of the seeds on the Iris behind the bench. I could cut some of the dead stalks back, but I like to leave them to provide cover and nesting materials for the garden birds and to provide some shelter from frosts for the tender shoots in spring.

The garden is still very much a work in progress – as all gardens always are – but it’s looking much better than it was, even at this time of year.

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