September Moths

We’re into September, the nights are cooler, autumn is on its way and the range of moths we’re getting in the moth trap is changing to reflect this.

There were a few new ones in the trap last night along with large numbers of Setaceous Hebrew Characters, but the Large Yellow Underwings and Dark Arches that were so prevalent during the summer are in decline.

  • 1 x Flounced Rustic
  • 44 x Setaceous Hebrew Character
  • 7 x Small Square Spot
  • 13 x Flame Shoulder
  • 8 x Large Yellow Underwing
  • 1 x Archer’s Dart
  • 2 x Dark Arches
  • 3 x Gold Spot
  • 2 x Purple Bar
  • 1 x Tawny Speckled Pug
  • 2 x Dark Sword Grass
  • 2 x Rosy Rustic
  • 1 x Common Wainscot
  • 1 x Large Wainscot
  • 2 x Shuttle-shaped Dart
  • 1 x Common Marbled Carpet
  • 2 x Sallow*
  • 1 x Square-spot Rustic*
  • 1 x Mouse Moth*

Here are the new ones, and a new form of Common marbled Carpet too.

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