Windsurf Session and a Trip to Casualty

I was supposed to be mountain-biking at Afan today, the place where last year we went and ended up calling the air ambulance for Jon and I spent most of the night in casualty at Moriston with him!

As my family were still here and the wind was blowing I decided to have windsurf instead of making the long drive south the Afan. It was pretty hectic out there with a 4.5m and my little JP Wave board. I was the first out on the water with the tide a little too high. The others were pretty hesitant about going out because of the conditions but once they saw me blasting around out there started rigging up.
My Dad came over to watch with the video camera so hopefully I’ll have some good footage soon. It wasn’t easy out there early on with some pretty big waves and bumpy conditions but I was having a whale of a time. Well powered up and having fun. Simon and Andy joined me after a while but struggled to get out and ended up downwind after a few rinsings each time.

Simon - Off to Casualty

Simon - Off to Casualty

Then Simon managed to smash his head somehow and came wandering up the beach a little dazed and disorientated covered in blood. A quick look and it was obvious he was going to need stitches so I sent him off to our house with my Dad whilst I secured his kit and then headed across to the house as well.

After a little first aid, some photos and the odd bit of poking and prodding by the whole family Anna took him to casualty at Bronglais whilst I went back out for a a bit more of sail and the rest of the family came over to watch.

Once back at home Anna and Simon returned from casualty where Simon had had 3 stitches and a couple of steri-strips to keep his head together. He looked a little better by now as well.

A great day on the sea and a bit of excitement too.

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  1. DAVE says:

    Sounds like a great day out, hope you friend recovers from his
    headache and will be out soon again enjoying the sport. Very impressed with the tracking results! Dave

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