Undoing all the Good Work

I’d been doing well with my weight loss and training before we had a few days away.

I hadn’t really been dieting but I had been eating a little less and had been doing more exercise, so over the course of about a month I’d lost almost a stone. I then went away for a few days, did very little exercise and of course enjoyed myself eating and drinking and not being too healthy.

I had planned to windsurf and mountain bike whilst away but I developed a cold on the first day so didn’t really have the energy. Instead I reversed all the good work and sat around doing very little other than eating!

Big breakfasts, tea and cakes, huge carvery lunches, several BBQ’s and lots of sweets. I did manage one little mountain bike ride around Nibley in South Gloucestershire, but by then the lack of activity and the excesses had taken their toll and I was feeling pretty slow.

Back home and onto the scales and I’d put on over half a stone in less than a week. Time for some healthy eating and some exercise. Hopefully if I put that much on in less than a week I can lose it in less than a week too.

On the positive side, at least my cold coincided with my days away otherwise it could have led to two weeks off rather than one and you have to have a rest now and then.

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Alan Cole

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