Open Water Swimming

My new TYR Hurricane Wetsuit arrived today. It was still pretty tight. I’m 5’6″ and 72kg whereas the Small Medium size that I’ve got is supposed to fit someone 5’7″-6’0″ and 66-78kg. At least I could get into it though and once swimming it wasn’t too tight. It probably does restrict my breathing a tiny amount but hopefully I’m going to lose some weight!

I’ve just been for a little swim along the seafront. It’s going to take a little getting used to but it felt OK, it did really rub my neck though, so much so that I was bleeding as I left the water where it has rubbed the skin away and left me with a sore, raw patch on my neck. It was uncomfortable while I was out there especially when breathing to the left. I’ll wear a rash vest next time and hope that helps.

I took my Forerunner 305 with me but I don’t think wearing it on my wrist is the best option as I guess it tracks every movement of my arm making me seem to have traveled much further than I actually did. Either that or I’m quicker at swimming than I though as I managed 1.21 miles in 19 minutes. I think next time I’ll wear the watch on my ankle.

My triceps are a little sore though so it must have done some good for my swim fitness! Off to Circuit Training and a Swimfit class now.

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