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Wetsuit Tear 1

Time for a new wetsuit

I have loads of wetsuits – I’ve lost count of how many. There’s at least: 2x C-Skins winter suits 1x Rhino short sleeve summer suit 1x O’Neill shortie 1x Excel 3/2mm Spring/Autumn suit 1x Snugg 4/3mm Spring/Autumn suit 1x Blue Seventy Reaction swimming wetsuit 1x TYR Hurricane swimming wetsuit 1x wetsuit shorts and vest for...

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Sore Neck 1

Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit Review

With the World Championships looming and my old TYR Hurricane wetsuit looking a little worse for wear I thought it was time to spend yet more money on this trip to Auckland and get a new wetsuit. I’d been looking around for a new one for a while and then noticed that Chain Reaction Cycles...

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TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Review 4

TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Review

I’ve been getting back into swimming recently. Swimming in a pool is great, but as I have to drive 10 miles to get to the nearest pool just popping in for an hours session takes over two hours and therefore isn’t very economical as far as time or money goes. I therefore decided to try...

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Open Water Swimming 1

Open Water Swimming

My new TYR Hurricane Wetsuit arrived today. It was still pretty tight. I’m 5’6″ and 72kg whereas the Small Medium size that I’ve got is supposed to fit someone 5’7″-6’0″ and 66-78kg. At least I could get into it though and once swimming it wasn’t too tight. It probably does restrict my breathing a tiny...

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Tumble Drying a Wetsuit 0

Tumble Drying a Wetsuit

Anyone who has ever had to put on a cold, wet, smelly wetsuit will know that it isn’t a pleasant experience. It is usually accompanied by howls and much swearing, especially when performed on a cold winters morning in a windswept car park. We’ve all been there and it isn’t nice. However, I can’t remember...

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