Living in a box

Morgan has always wanted to go on holiday in a caravan. Don’t ask me why he has this ambition, he’s nearly 5 and I have no idea why he does half the things he does!

Me in a box!

Me in a box

For example he spends lots of his time running around thinking he’s a Power Ranger, obviously he’s not, he just thinks he is! If I did that people would think I was mad. He can also spend hours on end sat in a cardboard box talking to himself. Again, even if I wanted to do that I couldn’t get away with it without people thinking there was something wrong. Although, come to think of it I am currently sat in my little office blogging, which isn’t far from sitting in a cardboard box talking to myself!

Anyway, we haven’t had a proper holiday this year and whilst my parents were here at the weekend they wanted me to book a holiday online for them. It was a caravan holiday in South Wales at Trecco Bay, booked through some vouchers in the newspaper that looked pretty good value for money. Not wanting to be outdone I decided to book one for ourselves as well.

4 nights in a caravan at Trecco Bay. The cost of which with service charges came to £64, plus an additional £25 for the use of the pool and leisure complex on the park. Not too bad really and it should keep Morgan happy as he finally gets to stay in a caravan.

There is plenty to do in that part of thew world as well. Windsurfing, Surfing and Mountain-Biking, Swimming Pools, Theme parks and ‘Techni-Quest; for the family and some nice bits of scenery and walks along the coast too. Not a very exotic holiday but it’ll be nice to get a way for a few days.

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