Especially for Trudie. A photo of one of the Redwings we had in the garden today. Is this waht you’ve been seeing?

The Snipe returned as well but I didn’t get a decent shot of it. The Redwings weren’t easy either as they are very timid, wouldn’t come too close to the house and scurry around quite quickly. This was shot through the window as well so isn’t as sharp as it could be… Time to start thinking about a bird hide!



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  1. Lesley says:

    Al. I saw loads of these today in Penparcau. Not close enough to see the red under the wings but clearly saw the little yellow collar and eye stripes. Havent seen them for a few years now but plenty around at present. Thanks for the pic!

  2. Trudie says:

    Hey, that’s them, nice one Alan! Just knew you would get me an answer!

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen them before, certainly not in the last 3 years in our garden here.

    A chap I work with has had a load in his garden too and didn’t know what they were.

    Will have to do a bit of reading up on these now.

    Thanks again

    • Alan says:

      I aim to please!

      To be honest they were new to me as well and only appeared in our garden for the first time a few hours before your comment here. So, as soon as you described them I knew what you were talking about as I’d just been looking it up myself. There seems to be a lot of them about this year. The cold weather must have brought them out into the open a bit. Nice to see them though.


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