Birds of Borth Bog

Sat in the living room yesterday morning I saw a big flock of Curlew fly over the house and land in the field behind us. I was then determined to get some photos of these and the other coastal and estuarine birds around here. After a quick visit to A&E we went for a walk across the fields and along the banks of the River Leri.

There were quite a few birds around, the flock of curlew was a few hundred strong and there were loads of Lapwing, Canada geese on the water the odd Oyster Catcher, Plovers, Pipts (I think) and some flocks of a duck that I’ve yet to identify. I’m sure someone can identify it from the photos below.

Photographing them was however next to impossible. I’ve only got a 300mm lens so need to get quite close in order to get a decent photo. Having Morgan in tow to start with didn’t help either. I think I need a longer lens, a steadier hand, a bird hide and lots lots more patience! I’m nor giving up yet though and it is quite relaxing sitting on the banks of the river waiting for birds to come to you.

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  1. Alan says:

    From ejorr on Twitter:

    Teal, or possibly garganey ? Lovely photos of late by the way.

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