Isle of Man 2009

Castletown Bay

Castletown Bay

We’ve just got back from a nice holiday on the Isle of Man. I hadn’t been there in the summer before and I can safely say its just the same as in the autumn, mainly grey and wet with an ocassional view of the sun!

We went over for Rebeeca and Petes wedding and as usual stayed with Pat (Anna’s Mum). Pat obviously spolied Morgan but he is her only Grandson so I guess that’s to be expected.

The holiday didn’t start too well, Morgan was ill on the way there and we ended up taking him to the doctors in Port Erin where he was found to have a bad ear infection and given antibiotics. The doctors there were very helpful though and fitted us in immediately to see them. Needless to say, through no fault of his own Morgan was pretty grumpy for the first day or two, but the antibiotics soon sorted him out.

I took my bikes and windsurfing kit with me and managed to get out for a nice sail in Castletown Bay one day and went out on my bikes a few times. (‘ll post a separate article on the mountain biking in the Isle of Man soon).

The wedding went well despite the rain and we all had a ood time. So congratulations to Rebecca and Pete (Mr and Mrs Quaggin-Mitchell!) Thanks for inviting us, it was good to see you on your special day.

Morgan had a good time as well. He especially liked the swimming pool at the NSC and the giant deer in Douglas Museum. The flumes at the swimming ppol were a big hit as was the rest of the pool. Anna enjoyed the flumes and the pool too and it is surprising just how confidence boosting playing around in such a facility is for Morgan and I’m sure his swimming has improved as a result.

Other highlights included a family gathering at the Hop Garden which gave us a chance to catch up with various people that we don’t see often enough, blueberry picking and the basking shark exhibition at Port Erin Arts Centre.

All too soon though the holiday was over and we were back on the boat heading for Liverpool.

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