Multi-Bird Roast

Amazingly it is already that time of year when we need to start thinking about Christmas! We’re on the ball as we have already ordered our Christmas Turkey.

Last year we had a four-bird roast for our Christmas dinner, but Anna was ill so didn’t really get chance to enjoy it. We have therefore decided to have another one this year and as Anna’s Mum is coming to stay there will be four of us to share it.

They aren’t cheap, but it does make a change and is a special treat for Christmas. We’ve ordered it online from Heal Farm, where there is a good choice of multi-bird roasts. These range from a small 3-bird roasts – A boned farm chicken, with pheasant and turkey breast – to the big daddy of them all, a 12 bird multi-roast made with the meat from 12 different types of bird, the breast meat from a total of 48 birds and 8 different types of stuffing!

At over £650 we can’t afford and possibly couldn’t eat the 12 bird roast so have gone for the more modest 4-bird roast which contains a small boned turkey with pheasant, guinea fowl and chicken breasts layered with a piquant apple and pear stuffing made with buttery sweet shallots, chestnuts and pork forcemeat.

I’m looking forward to Christmas Day already.

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