Into the Land of the Dinosaurs!

Don’t you think maunfacturers of childrens toys should at least make an effort to get some science right now and then?

Scientific Nonsense!

Scientific Nonsense!

We bought Morgan a little tub of dinosaurs yesterday as he had been so well behaved for the last few days. We got them out and the dinosaurs themselves didn’t look too bad, they came with a little plastic mountain and a floor mat for him to play with them on.

At first glance it looked OK, there was a pterosaur flying in the sky and a brachiosaur peeping out from behind a tree. But hang on there’s a giraffe behind the next tree, and a cow in a field. Yep, that’s right a domesticated cow in a field with a neatly trimmed hedge. And what’s this over here, some sheep in an enclosure with a pretty white fence around it. What’s going on?? But that’s not all. there’s a little bridge, a stone wall with a gate and then a lion lazing in a field, all surveyed by a gazelle on a hill top!

Excellent Stuff!

Now I may be a little picky about these things, I am (kind of) a palaeontologist after all, but I’m sure it’s pretty common knowledge that dinosaurs are extinct and weren’t around at the same time as sheep, cows, lions and hippos! And whats with mixing a rural farming scene with big game from Africa. What were they thinking?

I’m off to find more scientific nonsense in Morgan’s cupboards. What mad toys have your kids got?

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