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Hexbug Nano 0

Hex Bugs

One of Morgan’s new toys for Christmas were some Hexbug Nano’s. These were new to me, but they’re actually quite good. OK, they won’t compete with Lego, but there is something about them. Hexbugs are toy ‘automatons’ that scurry around bumping into things and reacting to pressure. The original ones were quite a bit bigger than...

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T-Rex 0

Dinosaurs in da House

Morgan got his kid wood construction set out the other day and with a little bit of help from Anna they soon built a pretty impressive looking T-Rex. It’ll live with the Pterodactyl that he and I built earlier in the year. Hope you like it. In this photo you can even see what Morgan thinks are...

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An Alternative Advent Calendar 3

An Alternative Advent Calendar

It’s not long until Christmas, so time to start preparing. Whilst looking for presents for Morgan I came across this Lego™ City advent calendar. OK, so it costs quite a bit more than an unhealthy chocolate advent calendar but you get a great Lego™ calendar with a new mini-build every day through the advent period....

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I Need a Bigger Shed

I’ve just had a clear out in order to fit some new toys in the shed…. There was more in there than I was expecting, some of it will be going on eBay – Two kitesurf board and at least one sailboard, there are a few old sails and booms that will be going to...

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Into the Land of the Dinosaurs!

Don’t you think maunfacturers of childrens toys should at least make an effort to get some science right now and then? We bought Morgan a little tub of dinosaurs yesterday as he had been so well behaved for the last few days. We got them out and the dinosaurs themselves didn’t look too bad, they...

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