New TV, Digibox and DVD player

New Toys!

New Toys!

All of our new home entertainment equipment arrived on Thursday. Delivery from eBuyer was quick, although we did have to contact them as they tried to give us a free HDMI cable which was then out of stock and wo8ld have meant we would have to wait for everything else until the freebie was in stock.

They sorted this though and everything arrived as described. I then had the task of sorting out the spaghetti of cables and installing everything. The TV looks good, just the right size (32″), clear and bright with OK sound. It has a ridiculous number of input ports, 2 scart, component video, 3 HDMI inputs and some others that we’ll never use. We don’t get the best digital reception here so it took a bit of fiddling with the singal booster box to get it looking good, but that’s not the fault of the TV, just the fact that we live ‘on the edge’.

The DVD player looks good too. We haven’t used it much but we have tested it and it works well. It’s really small too which is quite nice. It has anĀ  SD card reader and USB port so we should be able to connect hard drives to it should we wish. It does 1080p upscaling and has an HDMI output so now we need to find some HD content so that we can see if High Def is any better than Standard Def.

The digibox HDD PVR wasn’t such a success. It was a direct replacement for our 40GB Digihome PVR that died last weekend and we already had another 80GB one that we had bought for Anna’s Mum, but this third one didn’t work. It would sort of switch on and say ‘Starting’ but it wouldn’t do anything else, so that one is going back to eBuyer for a replacement.

We now need a new cabinet or stand for them to go on which will save some room in the lounge and of course some time to sit in front of it and chill!

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