Bike Ride and geocaches around Anglers Retreat

The weather yesterday was perfect for mountain-biking, gorgeous sunshine very little wind and cool, so Harvey and I headed off to Pendam for a ride and some exploring.

From Pendam car park we cycled out past Llyn Syfydrin and along the track towards Nant-y-Moch. We saw Dave on the way so said our hello’s and then headed out along the road besides Nant-y-Moch and all the way to the top of the mountain road. We then followed the forest track to Anglers Retreat with a small diversion down a rocky, muddy trail and through a little bog. We stopped at Angler’s Retreat to check on one of my geocaches and then continued on past Llyn Penrhaeadr.

I have another geocache hidden on the shores of Llyn Penrhaeder so we decided to stop and check on this one as well. There are no obvious landmarks near this one, so I wasn’t 100% sure where it was, but then I remembered that I had loaded the nearest 100 caches to home into my Forerunner 305 the other day, so a quick press of a few buttons and my GPS watch was telling me that the nearest gecoache was 150 feet from where we had stopped…. Needless to say we soon found it and all was in good order. I know everyone has been loading geocache details directly from their computer into their GPS devices for a while now, but I didn’t have a cable for my old eTrex GPS so this is new to me. I had always had to enter them by hand, so being able to automatically add 100 caches to the device is great. It saves so much time and means I have all the caches I need to hand.

From here we headed off to the forestry and made a little detour to Pistyll y Llyn. Harvey had never approached from this direction before or seen the view from the top, so he was suitably impressed. It is an amazing place and the location of yet another of my Watery Wales 2 geocaches. If you only do one of them, then this is the one to do just for the views.

After retrieving our bikes we climbed to the highest point of the route before an undulating descent through some eroded gulleys that were good fun. Unfortunately the bottom part of the track was a little wet so we had to dismount a few times to negotiate some big puddles but overall it was a good technical little trail. From here we headed back along forest tracks towards Nant-y-Moch and then finished off the route with a bit of the Continental Trail and then back to Pendam.

Activity Stats20 miles in total and a nice easy pace with stops for the geocaches made for a good afternoon out. The image to the left shows the stats of our ride and here is a kml file of the route that Google Earth should be able to open.

Anglers Retreat Cycle Route (.kml file for Google Earth)

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