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We made a last minute decision on Friday evening and drove down to Gloucestershire to visit family.. Even morgan was a little surprised when we said we were going, he couldn’t quite believe that we would just go like that without any forward planning

Snowboarding jacketSaturday was spent first visiting trying on some clothes my Mum had got from a local shop, then visiting my brothers to borrow clothes from him (which were a little too big!) and finally a drive out to Cribbs Causeway and a visit to TK Max to buy yet more clothes for snow-boarding. Anna now has a new Trespass jacket and a new fleece from the little shop near my parents house and a pair of Billabong trousers from TK Max. I have a new Dare2Be jacket which turned out to be top of the range once I looked it up when I got home… Typical of me to have all the technical features! Morgan did well with a new jumper, a new jacket, a new pair of trousers and some boots… We still have quite a bit to get though, trousers for me, and gloves hats and goggles all round… It soon mounts up and at this rate we’ll have to book a snowoarding holiday every year to make use of all our new gear! Although we’ll be able to wear most of it to keep warm on the beach here in Wales!

Sunday was spent driving home and we decided to simply follow the instructions provided by my Sat Nav. We did the same on the way there and it took us on our usual route, but on the way home the route was quite different to the way we usually go, although there was very little in it time or distance wise. It still gives us an alternative though which is always nice. Morgan slept most of the way home and didn’t wake up until we got to Nant Yr Arian, so we stopped off there for tea and cakes and a play in the playground… All in all a good weekend away.

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  1. Snowboarder says:

    Hello alan,

    I am researching for myself about snowboarding jackets because I want to buy a new one (I managed to tear my old Burton).

    the reason I am writing this comment is to know how is the dare2be jacket after one year of use? the pro’s and con’s?

    what I look in a jacket is:
    1. designed by snowboarder (not just an office engineer with no real understanding).
    2. comfortable and light as can be.
    3. high quality materials and worksmanship, brand name is not enough (you can see the low to mid range of burton and a few others).
    4. I don’t usually like fashion and trends, but it supposed to be something that creates a positive reaction when looked upon and not just bordom and indifference.

    Since I don’t believe in the artificial seperation of ski and snowboarding so my candidates are spyder aspen/Sierra nevada, Helly Hansen’s Granite and lynxz’s 2-B jacket.
    I never used dare2be and can’t help notice there is a big price differnece between my candidates and dare2be.
    I like to hear you opinion about this matter.


    rain is just a waste of a perfectly good snow!

  2. Alan says:

    Hi… I’m no expert here as I’ve only been snowboarding a few times, but the jacket seems fine. It also seems to be quite a popular choice on the slopes. It is pretty inexpensive in comparison to other brands, but it has so far held up well for me and has been comfortable.

    No complaints from me, but I haven’t really compared it to other brands either.


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