Shopping in Carmarthen

We had a nice family day out on Saturday, shopping in Carmarthen. Anna had never been there before and I had only been there as part of Brad’s Stag weekend. We didn’t really need to buy anything in particular and Anna did suggest going to Aberystwyth instead, but I fancied a day out and a bit of a drive, so Carmarthen it was.

We used my SatNav to get there so took some roads I’d never been on before, but the journey was quick, easy and uneventful. Once parked (always a pfaff with me!) we needed somewhere to eat and ended up in the Boars Head Hotel which was really nice and served good food.

We then wandered around the shops, tried to exchange a pair slippers that Morgan got for Xmas which were too small for him, but didn’t succeed as they didn’t have any.

Moran got pretty excited in Woolworths with all the toys and spent some of his Xmas money on a ‘Sportacus’ action figure. Of course, we have a Woolworths in Aberystwyth so could have bought that there, but that wasn’t the point. Anna and I didn’t actually buy anything, but we had a nice day out and Morgan had fun too. Overall though the ‘shopping trip’ just confirmed our suspicions that we are useless at shopping… Although give us an internet connection and a credit card and we’ll do just fine!

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