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Week 3 of Our Giro

Stage 16: Mezzolombardo to Aprica This Stage was looking like it would be difficult before I even started it. At first it looked OK, one big climb followed by a ride across a plateau and then a descent. Closer inspection showed it to be a huge climb with severe gradients all the way and quite...


Scorchio Surf Ski

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far according to the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station at 24.8ºC. We broke that today though with 26.7ºC – scorcher! It’s not a record for the month of May in Wales, but it’s not far off. It was such a nice day that I just had...


The Easiest Swarm Ever

Having not left Ynyslas for about 2 months now, we were unsure whether or not to head off to catch a swarm of bees when the phone call came in last night. It wasn’t far away though and the person whose garden it was in was shielding so there shouldn’t be any unnecessary human contact....


A Sunny Bank Holiday

I barely registered that it was Bank Holiday on Monday. It wasn’t until I started doing some work that Anna said ‘it is a Bank Holiday you know’. I took that as notification to stop working as soon as I could and chill for the day instead. I’d already ridden a stage of Our Giro...


Enjoying the Lockdown Sunshine

We’re still quite enjoying the lockdown. The weather has been lovely most of the time, the garden is looking good and we’re quite happy at Ynyslas. We haven’t been anywhere else for nearly two months now but we love it here so it’s no big deal. We’re still busy working of course but there has...


Week 2 of the Giro

Stage 10: Amatrice to Castelluccio After a rest day on Tuesday, it was straight back into the mountains on Wednesday with a long, steep climb up the Rifugio Calvanico. We were at least eased back into it a little with a shallow descent for the first 12 miles. At nearly 25 miles in length and...


Example and Help Pages for the Weather Station

Do you want to see what a subscription to the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station allows you to see? Maybe you are already a subscriber but don’t know what ‘feels like temperature’ means or why pressure is displayed in millibars and not hectopascals? Well, such questions have now been answered as I have started to...


More Fun in the Sun

After a fun little surf ski session on Wednesday, the sun was out once again on Thursday and the waves were a little bigger. There was also a bit of a breeze to add some lumps and bumps to the waves but it was still perfect for a fun surf ski session. I wasn’t out...


A Sunny Lockdown Surf Ski

I could get used to lockdown now that those who don’t need to travel to get to there are allowed back in the sea. And with conditions like this where else would you rather be?


Which Training and Analysis Apps Now That Strava is No Longer Free

The fact that Strava have started to charge for more of their offerings than they have in the past has forced me to re-evaluate which apps I ‘need’ and which ones I don’t. Do I need to pay for TrainerRoad, Zwift, Training Peaks, Strava and other such apps? What does each one do and what...