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Anna and I, armed with festive funds, delved into the muddy world of pottery, expecting more laughs than masterpieces. Our hands danced with clueless clay at a cozy gathering of equally inexperienced Picasso-wannabes. While Anna’s squashed creation somehow turned artistic, my jug morphed into a wonky wonder. Anticipating merry mayhem with the wheel’s introduction – stay tuned for the pottery pandemonium!


Houseplant Haven

Over Easter, Anna and I hit the garden centre for new pots and a plant stand for our overcrowded living room greenery. We enjoyed brunch out too. Despite limited space and light, our houseplants, like the blooming Clivia Lily and Orchid, are thriving.

Blasting on the Slalom Board 1

Easter Windsurf

I haven’t been able to get out windsurfing for a while. Conditions and commitments just haven’t permitted any time on the water. I was therefore a little rusty whilst out for the first time in ages last weekend. The conditions were perfect with a decent Easterly howling down through the valley and a midday high...


Explosive Easter

I managed to go the entire Easter weekend without turning my computer on, hence the lack of blog posts. I thought you wouldn’t mind waiting as turning my computer on would only mean that I’d end up working. Staying away from it and out of the office was best. That said, I did of course...

Pwll Deri YHA and abandoned hilltop buildings 2

Wales Coast Path – Porth Gain to Pwll Deri

Coast Path Vital Stats Porth Gain to Pwll Deri Distance: 13.9 miles Elevation Gain Today: 886m Highest Elevation: 110m Time: 4:19:27 Av. Pace: 18:44 mins/mile Calories: 1694 Totals to Date Total Distance: 1028.31 miles Total Time: 197:07:17 Total Elevation Gain: 32394m Total Calories: 99194 Distance to go: 76 miles Morning at Camp I lingered in...

Traeth Llyfn 0

Wales Coast Path – Porth Clais to Porth Gain

Coast Path Vital Stats Porth Clais to Porth Gain Distance: 18.32 miles Elevation Gain Today: 1026m Highest Elevation: 110m Time: 6:02:58 Av. Pace: 19:49 mins/mile Calories: 2195 Totals to Date Total Distance: 1014.41 miles Total Time: 192:47:50 Total Elevation Gain: 31508m Total Calories: 97500 Distance to go: 87 miles A New Plan As usual, I...

What a spot! 0

The Wild Welsh Wilderness

Having been away for work last week we had a fairly quiet weekend. I did some work in the garden and we headed out to Cross Foxes on Sunday for a Mother’s Day lunch – well, Morgan isn’t here to treat Anna, so I did instead. I of course went along for the meal too....


Speedy Broadband

We’ve been pretty happy with our broadband ever since we were one of the first households in Wales to get Fibre direct to the Property back in 2016. I still don’t know why we got it then, but at the time going from 1.5Mbps download speed to a 52Mbps download speed was quite a revelation....


Sunday Lunch at Libanus

I didn’t get out camping this weekend, so it was a fairly quiet affair at home. I did go for a quick surf-ski session on Saturday, but that didn’t end too well and I set the robot lawn mowers up after their ‘hibernation’ over the winter. They are out there now, happily mowing away for...

Crack in Side of Ski 2

Another Broken Ski

Having not been out on a surf ski, or paddle boat of any description for a while I was quite excited to get out there on Saturday. There was some decent surf rolling in at around 2-3 foot and little wind but the waves were still a bit messy. Not ideal for board surfing but...