AC Joint Arthritis 2

Shoulder Injury Diagnosis – Old Before My Time

MRI Scan Results I’ve finally had the results back from the MRI scan on my shoulder and a diagnosis. Essentially there’s some fairly extensive arthritis of my acromioclavicular (AC) joint. If you remember back to the New Year when my shoulder pain first occurred then I thought at the time that it was an AC joint issue....

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St Davids Cathedral 2

Ocean Lava Half Ironman Distance Triathlon – Fishguard

The Ocean Lava Half Ironman Distance Triathlon in Fishguard was to be my only race this year and my first since May 2015. Not only that, it was my first ever race of this distance. At Half ironman distance it was more than four times the distance I usually race so it was all a...

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The Finished Lean-to 2

Finishing the Lean-to Build – Hot Work

Tuesday was an absolute scorcher here. It started off hot and just got hotter with the temperatures eventually maxing out at 32.8ºC. The hottest day so far in 2016 and not far off our ‘all-time’ record of 33.7ºC set on 19th July 2016.  Typically, I had lots of hot work planned for the day, finishing...

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Apiary 3

Bees – New Arrivals

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Tuesday was a scorcher with temperatures up to an annual high of 32.8ºC. Not ideal weather for donning a full hooded bee-suit, wellies and gloves, but that’s what I did. It was the first chance for a while that I’d had to inspect the bees so I suited up and headed down to...

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Summer Sea Birds 0

Summer Sea Birds

After a few weeks of fairly miserable weather, and a horrible bike ride on Sunday morning in constant rain and murk, the weather took a turn for the better yesterday. An amazing contrast from cold, grey and wet to glorious sunshine and scorching temperatures. It reached 24.3ºC yesterday according to the Borth & Ynyslas Weather...

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Lean-to Roof 2

A Lean-to Roof – The Building Continues

As you know from my previous post about building a lean-to, we were delayed in putting the roof on whilst my Dad was here thanks to the fact that Sheet Plastics who we’d bought the polycarbonate sheets from failed to deliver on time. We’d paid £20 for a specific delivery date on the Friday, but it didn’t...

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Converse All Star Toes 1

Converse All Star Toes

Here’s the latest design for my toes. Thanks to Anna’s handiwork and Morgan’s idea I currently have Converse All Star toes. It’s like wearing a cult pair of shoes on my feet even when I’m barefoot. Morgan has the same design on his toes at the moment as well. Good to see that he is...

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Fishguard Half Race Simulation 1

Race Simulation

My training for the upcoming Ocean Lava Half-Ironman distance triathlon has been going from bad to worse. In fact as mentioned previously I haven’t really been ‘training’ this year, just exercising. I’ve had a shoulder injury so no swimming. I’ve had achilles problems which has stopped me running a little. Then last week I had some...

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Out and Back through the Whitewater 0

Out and Back through the Whitewater

Sunday turned out to be a nice bright, windy day. Too windy to put the roof on the new lean-to. So, after a hard turbo trainer and srun session it was off to the beach for some windsurfing. The 20-25 knot wind was a little marginal for my 5.7m sail and 85 litre wave board. There...

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Race Overview 5

TrainerRoad and Best Bike Split

Feeling completely unprepared for the upcoming Fishguard Ocean Lava Half Ironman distance triathlon that I’m supposed to be doing in a couple of weeks, I thought it was time to simulate riding the course. I didn’t have time to head to Fishguard again to ride the bike route. So, instead I decided to replicate it on...

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