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Me on the Bike 2

Bristol Harbourside Triathlon Photos

Just some photos from the Bristol Harbourside Triathlon yesterday thanks to Jay and Anna. Read the full race report here: Bristol Harbourside Triathlon Race Report.

Leader in the Swim 1

Big Cow 2012 Photos

I’m not sure if there was an official race photographer at the Big Cow Triathlon on Sunday. Anna took one or two photos of me though which I added to my race report as did my Dad so here are a few of his photos from the event.  

Red Sky in the Morning 0

Red Sky in the Morning

After a glorious night of star-gazing last night we were treated to an amazing sunrise too. You can’t beat the natural world for a light display.

Narcissus Flower 0

Narcissus Bloom

Just another photo of the Narcissus now that it’s fully open.

Misty Hills on Dartmoor 0

Misty Hills

I’ve always liked photos of hills in the mist receding into the distance at sunset – I just never get the opportunity to take photos of them myself, but whilst chilling at the campsite last week the opportunity presented itself, so here’s the view across Dartmoor from our tent.

2011 Dyfi Enduro Photos 0

2011 Dyfi Enduro Photos

The official photos from the 2011 Dyfi Enduro are out, but I’ve been seeing lots of others too so here’s a round up of some photo galleries from the Dyfi Enduro 2011. Right Time Right Place – The Official photographer of the Dyfi Enduro 2011 MBNW– A nice album showing the Dyfi Enduro riders, the...

A Snowy Sunrise in Wales 0

Xmas in Ynyslas

Just some nice photos of the snowy Xmas scenes from our back garden. Hope you like them, and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The Moon 0

Photos of the Moon

It’s not surprising my Moth Trap didn’t attract many moths the other night when it was competing with this.