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The Upsides to Injury 1

The Upsides to Injury

You have to stay positive when injured – if you don’t, you’d just get depressed and this sport malarky is supposed to be fun. Of course, an injury is never much fun and the rehabilitation period is frustrating. Most of us just want to get back out there running again and all we can think...

Hydration / Nutrition Calculator 0

Hydration / Nutrition Calculator

I’ve just taken delivery of a load of energy drinks, recovery drinks and gels from Pacific Health as part of a freebie for subscribing to a magazine. Now, I know the recent Panorama programme basically dismissed the need for such products, but they were really only looking at them from the point of view of...


Go Faster Juice – The Purple Power Potion!

You may recall my recent post about Beetroot Juice for Triathletes and how the high level of nitrates in natural, organic, healthy beetroot juice can improve athletic performance. I’ve been drinking it for a while now and have developed quite a taste for it. I actually look forward to my delicious glass of beetroot juice with...