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Trace Fossil in the Making 1

Traces of the Geologist

I haven’t really considered myself a geologist for a while now. However, once a geologist always a geologist and we just can’t help ourselves ‘geologising’! Depositional Detectives One of the ways that this manifests itself is in the examination of depositional environments and wondering how they would appear in the geologic record if preserved in...

Archaeopteryx Exhibition 2

Archaeopteryx in Aberystwyth

Would you believe it, after all these years (150 million or so to be accurate!) Archaeopteryx isĀ in Aberystwyth. Archaeopteryx, which had a 1m (3.2ft) wing span, is believed to be the link between prehistoric dinosaurs and the modern bird. It’s fossil, one of only 12 found is being displayed in the Old College from 14...