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Severe Weather Readiness 0

Severe Weather Readiness

Winter is on it’s way… In light of last years storms and heavy snowfall over the past few years our status as Flood Wardens has been updated to cover other Emergencies as well and we have recently received the latest Emergency and Flood Plan for Borth and Ynyslas. We’ve also been forwarded some news from Ceredigion County Council about...

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Ynyslas Storm Damage

The recent storms have led to extensive damage all along the coastline of Mid Wales. Aberystwyth has probably been hardest hit with the Victorian Promenade being all but destroyed. There are countless photos all over the web and on news bulletins of the damage both during and after the storms hit, so I’m sure you’ve seen...


Brace Yourselves!

They say some silly things on the News sometimes and actually give very little information. First up they say there are 18 Flood warnings in place across Wales, but give no indication of where these are. Then they say that forecaters are expecting more rain in the next couple of days and people are being...