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Aberdovey Triathlon

The Aberdovey Triathlon was never in my race┬áschedule for this year, but last weekend at swim training I was asked by the organiser if I’d be kind enough to help someone out and do the swim section of the race for them. They wanted to race but didn’t feel comfortable enough in open water so...


Canoeing in West Wales

I can’t believe this weather. Yet another beautiful sunny day yesterday. In a way we had hoped for some wind as it was the Boardwise Windsurf Demo weekend in Aberdyfi, but as there wasn’t a breath we decided against driving all the way around just to look at some expensive boards that we can’t afford....


Crab fishing in Aberdovey

My parents were here for the weekend. On Friday afternoon they took Morgan up constitution hill and then on Saturday we had a family day out in Aberdovey. It always seems silly to drive for such a long time only to end up about a mile away from home, but it is a different world...