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Beet-It Athlete 1

Check Me Out!!!

I’ve just been added to the list of ‘pro performance athletes’ on the Beet-It website… Check me out: http://www.beet-it.com/athletes/ Looking good!

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Go Faster Juice – The Purple Power Potion!

Amazon.co.uk Widgets You may recall my recent post about Beetroot Juice for Triathletes and how the high level of nitrates in natural, organic, healthy beetroot juice can improve athletic performance. I’ve been drinking it for a while now and have developed quite a taste for it. I actually look forward to my delicious glass of beetroot...

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Beetroot Juice for Triathletes 5

Beetroot Juice for Triathletes

Amazon.co.uk Widgets I don’t want to give away all of my secrets, but Beetroot Juice is all the rage at the moment in the sports world. The very high levels of nitrates in beetroot juice are thought to dilate capillaries in the body allowing blood flow to the muscles to be increased. In addition, the...

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