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Maximising Time on the Wave 1

Maximising Time on the Wave

I’m all about maximising Time on the Wave (TOW). Usually TOW stands for Time on Water and you all know that I already do that. Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Swimming, Kayaking, Surf Skiing, Canoeing, Stand-up-Paddle boarding have all got me out on the water as much as I possibly can whatever the weather. The conditions are...

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Cat Luxury 2

Spoilt Cat

How’s this for a spoilt cat? A room to herself with a view of the garden Personal enclosed litter tray Scratching post Multi-tier faux-fur cat tree thingy Cat toys on the window-sill A Lazy, sunny afternoon A comfy sofa to stretch out on And no, the trophies and medals aren’t the cats, they’re mine!!  

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Coffee Break 2

Garden Clearance

I do often wonder what things would be like if I didn’t do quite so much training each week. It’s takes up quite a lot of time, usually about 15 hours a week. I’m not training seriously at the moment but trying to fit in several swim, kayak, bike and run sessions a week, along...

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