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Growing up quickly 0

Growing up quickly

You may think from the title of this post that it will be all about Morgan and how he is 2 already and growing up faster than you could imagine…. Well, it isn’t, it is all about me, me, me!! I’m sure it wasn’t that long ago that I was a student and not long...

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More Cold Water Windsurfing 0

More Cold Water Windsurfing

Following on from my post last week about cold weather windsurfing, here’s another ‘cool’ video clip of someone windsurfing in Antarctica!

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Dinner at the Wildfowler 0

Dinner at the Wildfowler

Following a nice day of activities hiding geocaches and then windsurfing on Sunday, Anna, Morgan and I all headed off to the Wildfowler in Tre-r-Ddol for dinner. Two meals for the price of one and it was really nice. Best of all my pint of blackcurrant and lemonade (I was driving!) on cost 35p!!

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Watery Wales 2 Geocaches 3

Watery Wales 2 Geocaches

Its been a few weeks since I’ve done any geocaching, but Sunday was a good day in the Welsh hills followed by a quick windsurf session on the beach at Borth. Steve and I headed off in the morning to hide some new geocaches. We drove up the mountain road from Tal-y-Bont towards Nant-y-Moch (and...

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Cold weather windsurfing 1

Cold weather windsurfing

Many people think I’m a little mad going windsurfing here in Wales in the depths of winter…. Well, think again…. This video shows that windsurfing in Wales in the winter is fairly tame!

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A pizza catastrophe! 0

A pizza catastrophe!

We decided to have a slobby dinner last night of Pizza, baked potato and salad. The usual instructions for oven baked frozen pizza are as follows: Preheat Oven Remove all packaging Place directly on top shelf of oven and bake Unfotunately that isn’t the case with the pizzas we had last night which say that...

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Lunar Eclipse from Wales

I tried to take some photos of the Lunar Eclipse on Saturday evening, but didn’t have a tripod which made things a little difficult. It was also one of those occasions where an old fashioned film camera would probably have been better. It was OK as the moon was beginning to be eclipsed, but once...

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