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Google Earth 6

I’ve just been paying with some of the new features of Google Earth 6 – Well, it is a Friday afternoon. The latest incarnation of the Google Earth application has a few interesting features that I hadn’t seen before, although I’m sure some of them were available in earlier versions. First up there’s 3D trees! Google...

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Book Printing 6

Printing Our Weblog

We’ve now been blogging since 2005 and my blogging intensities seem to go from strength to strength. It’s surprising how much happens in the life of a small family living a ‘Simple Life of Luxury’ in Wales and I’m forever encouraged by the number of people who read this weblog. I’m not saying the content...

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Gogerddan Woods 0

Geocaching in the Snow

I did try geocaching – unsuccessfully it has to be said – in 6 feet of snow in Slovenia once, but it was a little easier in a couple of inches here in Wales. Saturday was a glorious sunny morning with snow on the ground so after an FTF on a puzzle cache Morgan and...

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Another Geocaching FTF

Spurred on by our success with an FTF on the Gamma puzzle cache, I started work on deciphering another puzzle cache in the series. This time it was the Omega cache which had the following clues. This is hard, and of course not at the published coords, this puzzle stood uncracked between 1918 and 2010,...

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