A Walk Overlooking Bala Lake

Anna and I had a couple of days away as a treat. I’ll tell you more about why and where in the next post. If it’s possible to ‘start with a stop’ then that’s what we did. We started our treat with a stop at Bala Lake en route to our accommodation.

We parked on the lakeside, had lunch in the lakeside café and the headed off for a walk.

A Walk overlooking Bala Lake

It was a lovely autumn day. There was barely any wind, the sun was shining and there were people playing on the water. Bikers were congregating in the car park as we set off along the eastern shore of the lake. We crossed the River and then headed off onto a forest track into the hills.

It was supposed to be a gentle walk, not a ‘proper’ hike in the mountains. Things did head upwards for a while though and it soon got warm in the sunshine. The steep muddy path through the trees required a bit of effort.

We soon emerged out of the forest and continued following the track upwards. We passed a small farmhouse where young children were out playing on quad bikes.

As the gradient eased off we had nice views out over the lake and back towards the town of Bala. Time for a few photos and a breather as we made our way along the hillside towards a small road.

We soon turned off, onto a narrow grassy footpath that took us back along the hillside, descending gently as it went. The shade of the trees was a welcome relief for a while.

We passed through the grounds of a hotel, passed archery ranges and adventure play areas and then down through a field. Next we crossed a bridge over the Bala Railway, walked along the small station and then re-emerged at the end of the lake. It was now just a short stroll back to the car park.

We chilled here in the sunshine for a while before heading off to our rather grand accommodation at Palé Hall Hotel.

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