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Despite the current environmental worries and some push back against the disposable society that we live in, it it still often difficult to justify repairing modern items. It’s often cheaper to replace them. Especially as replacement often results in an upgrade at the same time. Many things simply aren’t made to be easily repairable. Not so it seems for Sidi cycling shoes.

When buying cycling shoes, one of the advantages to spending the extra that might be required to get a nice pair of italian built shoes from Sidi has always been that they have replaceable parts. That and their enviable reputation for durability in the first place.

I’ve had a pair of Sidi cycling shoes that I bought many many years ago. I’ve tried to find out when I bought them. My records of such things only go back 10 years so I bought them at least that long ago. I imagine I bought them sometime around 2010. They have therefore seen quite a bit of action. These shoes have been used for much of the training I do both indoor and outdoor over that time. They will have been used to ride from John O’Groats to Lands End, and will have been on various cycling holidays. They even retruned to their homeland for a Italian cycling holiday a few years ago!.

I probably had them with me for many races as well. This includes having gone all the way to New Zealand with me. They’ve certainly seen some use and true to their reputation still look in pretty good condition. Pretty good condition except for the fact that one of the straps snapped on them earlier this week.

Replacement Sidi Parts

Sidi Straps
Sidi Straps

Knowing that Sidi shoes are known for having replaceable parts I took a look at the strap that had snapped. Sure enough, the bit that was still on the shoe was removable and I was easily able to find a replacement online. I didn’t even have to replace the entire strap as the strap itself came in two sections. I only had to buy half of it as the other section was still fine. They did some as a pair but at £12.00 that wasn’t too bad.

The parts were duly ordered. There are actually a couple of newer versions of the Sidi Soft Instep system. So, I had to make sure to order version 2, not version 3 or 4. They arrived the next day and within a couple of minutes I had replaced them. I once again had a pair of fully functional cycling shoes. I did of course have spare shoes as well so didn’t miss this mornings ride due to shoe failure!

OK, so it’s not that exciting but it’s nice to know that some things are still replaceable and repairable. It is also likely that my next pair of cycling shoes will be a pair of Sidi’s again. I feel as though this pair have not only lasted well but now have a new lease of life thanks to the fact that the straps were replaceable.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Certainly is good to read that some things can and have been repaired ..Like you say this will definitely encourage you and others to stick to this company.

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