Quad Camp Day 4

I was feeling a little better today. Nowhere near as snotty and the sore throat has almost gone. My legs were pretty sore from the run down Snowdon though.

Porthmadog TT

The plan for today was a cycle TT into Porthmadog and that’s exactly what we did. The weather was lovely once again so we had a relaxed start to the day and then rolled down the hill to a car park at the bottom of the lake. From here we set off at 2 minute intervals bound for Porthmadog. I was likely to be the fastest so set off last, with Pete who had organised it just behind me so as to make sure everyone was OK.

It was a good day for a TT although there was a slight headwind. I was soon into position and pushing hard. My legs weren’t up to much though thanks to the Snowdon run but I was going OK and soon catching and overtaking most of the people ahead of me. We all regrouped in the Tesco Car Park in Porthmadog. A good effort by everyone.

We then headed off to some a lovely Bed and breakfast that was owned by some friends of the other Quadrathletes. I didn’t know them, but the long-time quadrathletes seemed to all know them very well. We settled down to bacon baps and carrot cake whilst everyone had a chat.

It was then a steady ride back to the campsite in the sunshine.

Kayak Paddle

After lunch I organised a nice little kayak session in the lake with two rounds of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute intervals.

We were going to go for a swim after this as well, but by the end of it everyone was suitably tired so we just chilled on the campsite.

I had a shower and did lots of laundry at the same time. Washing clothes in the shower might not be the best way to do it but it made them at least smell nice if nothing else.

Dinner was pasta and sauce for me. Then Dave cooked up a huge seafood paella and offered me some, so I had a second dinner in the sunshine. It was then time for wine and a chat in Jean and Daves motorhome along with Lance, John and Elaine.

Bed at last, with very sore legs!

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