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Cosmo is never going to be as chilled and friendly as Luna was but here she is in a rare chilled moment in her tunnel. Parkin is probably sat just outside shot trying to avoid eye contact with anyone but not wanting to miss out on any food opportunities!

Visiting Spain with Your Family 0

Visiting Spain with Your Family

Spain is a very family-friendly destination. The food is very diverse, which means there’s always something to satisfy the fussiest of palates. The range of different accommodation is vast, and there are a wide variety of attractions to suit all ages. Enjoying a holiday in Spain isn’t too much of a challenge as long as...


Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon World Championships

This was the big race in many peoples Quadrathlon Calendar. It wasn’t just a World Cup race, but the actual World Championships so the field was stacked and many of the top Quadrathletes were there and fighting fit. It would be fast up at the pointy end! I wouldn’t be troubling that end of the...


Quad Camp Day 7 – Snowdon’s South Ridge

Things were winding down for the Quadrathlon Camp by now. Most people had headed home yesterday so I was doing my own thing. The campsite was horribly busy now as well. I suppose it was the weekend and we had just had a week of glorious weather. My early morning trip to the toilet and...


Quad Camp Day 6

That’s good news, I think I had a good nights sleep last night. I went to bed at around 10:30 after reading for a while. I don’t remember lying there trying to get to sleep as usual, and the next thing I know, I’m getting up and it 5am. I’m not usually very good at...


Quad Camp Day 5

Another glorious day at Llyn Gwynant. I didn’t manage to sleep at all but that’s nothing unusual. I therefore busied myself in the morning with some washing up and then breakfast in the van. The cuckoos were calling from 4:30am and soon the sun was rising. The plan for today was a full on Quadrathlon....


Quad Camp Day 4

I was feeling a little better today. Nowhere near as snotty and the sore throat has almost gone. My legs were pretty sore from the run down Snowdon though. Porthmadog TT The plan for today was a cycle TT into Porthmadog and that’s exactly what we did. The weather was lovely once again so we...


Garden Photos and Bees in May

As it’s such a nice day I just couldn’t resist lunch in the garden. Not the best time of day for photos but here are a few photos from the garden anyway. The bees were certainly busy. Not just our honey bees but all sorts of other bees too. It’s always nice to see the...


Quad Camp Day 3 – Snowdon

Day 3 of the quad Camp brought with it a super sore throat and snot galore. Lovely!! Big, thick green slimey snot that seemed to go on forever. It was the sort that has some proper weight to it and brings a sense of immense but short-lived satisfaction when ejected from ones nostrils. Short-lived because...


Quad Camp Day 2

When the day starts like this you know it’s going to be a good one. The plan was a bike ride at 9:30am so I had a nice relaxed morning before getting ready to ride. I was hoping for an easy ride as my chest was sore and I was feeling under the weather thanks...