Non-Stop Sunday

Phew, that was a busy day even by my standards. Saturday was pretty busy as it goes with various garden carpentry repairs but I did get to chill with a nice big curry in the evening.

Surf Ski Session

Sunday started early with a Surf Ski session from Ynyslas to Borth. It was a lovely day, but pretty chilly. In fact, it was only just above freezing at 0.2ºC as I ventured out over to the beach. The interval session in the surf ski soon warmed me up though. After 10 minutes at a steady pace to get going it was time for

  • 10 mins hard with 2 mins recove
  • 8 mins hard with 2 mins recovery
  • 6 mins hard with 2 mins recovery
  • 4 mins hard with 2 mins recovery
  • 2 mins hard with 2 mins recovery
  • 1 min hard with 2 mins recovery

All followed by a cool down back to the beach. This was just right to get me into Borth from Ynyslas, around the reefs and back again.

The sun was now a little higher in the sky but it was still quite chilly.


After a shower and a coffee it was time to head into Aberystwyth for a swim. I had to pop into the office first to see if I could help someone out with a computer issue they were having and then it was into to pool for a fairly short swim with lots of drills thrown in.

I did relax for a bit afterwards with 20 minutes in the sauna, but even that isn’t really relaxing.

Borth Loop on the Bike

Back at home and it was now a glorious day. I did contemplate having some elevensies and then going out again later in the day but decided it was best just to get on with it. I was therefore soon on my bike for a hard Time Trial effort around the Borth Loop.

My time was OK I guess at 38:15 for the loop in a Clockwise direction. It was however 2 minutes of my PB, but still quite good and certainly a hard effort. My PB was from a number of years ago as well so I don’t think I’ll be troubling that again.

Run around the Dunes

As soon as I got off the bike it was straight out for a quick ‘brick’ run around Ynyslas. Only 10 minutes or so for this, but it’s good to make sure I can run off the bike now and then.

Amazingly it was still only midday so it was finally time for some food. Bacon and Egg sandwiches and a nice cup of tea!


No time to rest though as the lawn needed mowing, the bees needed inspecting and some edging needed replacing.

The bees were looking in good health. I didn’t do a proper inspection as despite the glorious sunny weather it was only 9ºC out there. I did take a quick look at a single frame from the center of the colony though. There were plenty of eggs and larvae in evidence so they are in the process of building up ready for the summer and there is clearly a queen in residence. I quickly closed them back up, fed them and left them to their own devices.

The garden looks better now that the lawn is mowed and there are signs of spring everywhere.

It’s 3pm as I write this, so I’m wondering what to do next? A nice walk along the beach with Anna I think and then maybe pull some rhubarb and make a nice crumble for pudding later.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mumx says:

    Im jealous,My rhubarb just doesn’t like it here and I never get a good crop
    Going to have buy some from the shop as I really like it ! X

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