Monthly Archive: July 2018

Head Scratch for a Friendly Cat 0

Friendly Cats

We’re slowly getting there with our friendly cats! It’s taken a while but as stray and semi-feral rescue cats it’s not been easy. Parkin the fat ginger tom still won’t let us anywhere near him, but Cosmo and Luna are gradually beginning to tolerate us! They all line up in the hall waiting to be...

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Three Perfect Opportunities for a Family Holiday 0

Three Perfect Opportunities for a Family Holiday

Most people are thrilled by the thought of going on holiday. This could be because it’s an opportunity for them to unapologetically put their feet up or because they’re curious about the many destinations that the world has to offer. However, seeing as people tend to have work schedules, bills, and responsibilities, they aren’t able...

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How to Care for Your Health When You Travel Abroad 0

How to Care for Your Health When You Travel Abroad

The world is a beautiful, wondrous place full of exciting landscapes and cultures. From food to sights, from sounds to textures, there is so much to see and explore in the world. Travelling the world is a dream, and though many of us cannot afford the whole world, we can save up and splurge for...

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Borth Rain Data 0


The 2018 drought and heatwave continues. There was a brief respite over the past few days and that maybe partly my fault. The lack of rain prompted me to do some work on the Borth & Ynyslas weather station website pages by adding a ‘rainfall’ data page. For some reason I never added this when I...

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Box End Quad Results 3

Box End Quadrathlon Results and Analysis

The results are out from the Box End Quadrathlon and I did OK. Time for something of an analysis. The official results are here:, but I’ve added a rank column for each of the disciplines as I like to see that, so here they are with the ranks added. As you can see: I had a...

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Kayak Start 4

Box End World Cup Quadrathlon – Race Report

The Box End Quadrathlon was always going to be a fast affair. Before we even got there we were notified that Ettiene Stott, the 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist in kayaking was going to be competing. The race itself was also a World Cup event and the current World Quadrathlon Champion Ferenc Csima would be racing too. Bryce...

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Looking down on the Dyfi Estuary 0

Clear Waters & Clear Skies

The 2018 Heatwave continues and the week has been full of days in the sea and out in the hills. The weather was a little more bearable last week with temperatures only into the mid 20’s rather than the 30’s. The beach has been as gorgeous as ever and mid-week it’s possible to have it...

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