How traveling makes your kids wiser

It’s not every day that kids get to watch their parents play badminton in the parks, or build sandcastles on the beach or perform tricks with a football or basketball in front of a family gathering. The usual horizon looks different when your kids step out of the house with a mood to travel. Reason being the fact that kids these days have been ‘caged’ by technology to an extent that even a get together between our young brigade seldom happens outside the 4-walls of a playroom. To put an end to this dilemma, we look at some of the most valid reasons that somehow prove that traveling will make your kids wiser:

Reason 1: Directing towards a physically active life.

Researchers and nutritionists have proved this again and again that regular exercise trains our brain to work in an active way, improving our memory, our way of thinking and what not. An article was published on Harvard Medical School’s health blog which discussed this matter in depth. And how does travelling relate to it? Well, going on an expedition or a field trip that involves activities like cycling, rock climbing, cave explorations and other physically demanding tasks will help your kid develop a long-lasting affinity towards such activities. And what could be better than welcoming them back with some gifts purchased from Argos!With their amazing discount vouchers, you can choose from a wide variety of toys, gaming consoles, and other amusement products for your child.

Reason 2: Absorbing wisdom from others.

Living in a multicultural environment is a blessing! Encourage your kids to build friendship with those kids who belong to a culture that is different from yours. It will help them learn skills that you as a parent might not be able to teach. For example, growing up with kids who speak different languages and have unique culinary habits can easily assist your child to learn a second language and develop tastes for a variety of foods. As parents, we all know the struggle of developing taste buds in our children and this simple trick called friendship will release some burden from your shoulder!

Reason 3: The gift we call time.

What could be better than gifting your child a wireless drone, you ask? A gift called ‘family time’. If your house hold structure belongs to the category where both the parents head out to work in the day and return in the evening, exhausted to listen to their children’s stories and complains that accumulates throughout their day; then you are letting someone else have your child’s precious time. A family outing will make sure you spend a good amount of time with your kids, sharing stories and teaching them the basics of everyday life. Trust us, even a quick run on the seashore with their parents will bring a drastic change in the minds of kids.

Reason 4: An educational vacation.

A Zebra, thanks to its stripes, is quite certainly the most intriguing animal a child sees in his science book. However, imagine the impact it would create on a child’s brain if he/she gets too see one in reality? The kid will start relying on the power of practical education and that should be your focus during educational vacations. Encourage your children to visit places like museums, science centers and zoos right from their early age. Whenever possible, follow what they read in books with a visit to a center or a historical site that brings textbook knowledge right in front of your child.

2 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    Lots of good advice here. My little one is only one, so I have lots of time to put it into action!

  2. Mum says:

    I somehow missed this post! But I agree 100%
    We certainly did our best along the same lines, but we didn’t have to compete against, computer or games consoles, well just the one game on the ZX spectrum with the “brilliant” tennis game, not even the TV held any of you four captive. A happy mix has got to be the best approach. X

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