Reminders of Home

I have lived in West Wales for a long time and pretty much fell in love with it from the first day, but before coming to university in Aberystwyth I lived on the Isle of Man which is also a very lovely place to live. I’ve always thought the Isle of Man and Aberystwyth are very similar but I’ve been noticing more similarities all the time. Maybe that is why I love living here so much – it reminds me of the beautiful Isle of Man and the island reminds of the stunning West Wales coast.

Aberystwyth and Borth and known for their amazing sunsets and when Shem posted this photo on facebook I have to look twice to check if it was Borth or Port Erin on the Isle of Man.

Borth sunset

Borth at sunset , taken by Shem


It is of course Borth at its best but here is another photo from a Manx friend of Bradda head so you can see why I did a double take.

Bradda Head

Bradda Head taken by Pauline

Some other similarities are the things that make the news. Its safe to say that both are very safe places to live so sometimes news stories that may appear insignificant make the papers. This one has been doing the facebook rounds in Aberystwyth recently and it reminded me of something similar from the Isle of Man (more available hereĀ )

As for reminders of home, I do think of Wales as home now as i have lived there longer than anywhere else, however the Isle of Man will always be an important place to me and is still home as well.

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  1. Lyn says:

    That’s lovely Anna xx

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Anna Cole

Anna is an Administrator at Aberystwyth University. Originally from the Isle of Man she now lives a Simple Life of Luxury on the Mid Wales Coast.