Pokemon No Go

I thought I’d jump on the band wagon and play Pokemon Go. I’ve never played any other Pokemon game before and know nothing about Pokemon but as it has taken off like nothing else before it and it sounded a little like geocaching I thought it would be worth a try. Not so, it just doesn’t work for me as you can only play it if you have a decent Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

My first attempts were local ones but without even a mobile phone signal most of the time that wasn’t happening. The app won’t even load without a data connection so I can’t play Pokemon Go here. I did however manage to find a few whilst in Aberystwyth where I did have 3G reception in places. I wasn’t so successful when the reception drops to GPRS though as that doesn’t seem to be fast enough.

Pokemon No Go

Pokemon No Go

We were off to St David’s for a couple of days at the weekend and had Morgan and his friend James with us. I thought the lure of playing Pokemon Go might have encouraged them out for a walk now and then but once again I had no mobile reception at all anywhere. Nowhere in St Davids, nowhere along the coast. I did have pockets of GPRS in a few places in Pembrokeshire but never enough to even download emails, let alone play Pokemon Go.

So far for me it’s been a case of Pokemon No Go.

A shame really as it seems like a bit of harmless fun and I was hoping it would be a way of getting Morgan out doing something over the summer holidays. Looks as though I’ll have to fall back on the old fashioned geocaching for that as at least you can download geocaching info for offline play.



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