Snorkelling on Borth Reefs

I haven’t been able to swim since Christmas thanks to a shoulder injury so have been missing out on loads of clear water, early morning swims in Aberystwyth and hadn’t even been out around the reefs in Borth. I had some time to get out snorkelling on Borth reefs today though and what a treat it was.

The water was still quite clear, although the recent winds had messed it up a little and algal blooms and swarms of tiny jellyfish made it murky here and there. In general visibility was good and I’m pleased to say that the amount of life on Borth reefs is increasing all the time. Today the highlight of the show were the pipe fish. There were loads of them everywhere. I’m not 100% sure what type they were, but there was definitely more than one species and as far as I can tell, there were:

  • Snake Pipefish – Entelurus aequoreus
  • Greater Pipefish – Syngnathus acus and possibly
  • Worm Pipefish – Nerophis lumbriciformis

There were also plenty of huge spider crabs. Other crabs and shrimps, huge clouds of tiny little fish hatchlings, some sprats, a wrasse or two and loads of different seaweeds swaying in the gentle waves.

It was lovely out there snorkelling on Borth reefs so here’s some video to give you a taste of it.

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