Summer Continues

The schools might have gone back, but the weather has improved again and our geocaching streak continues. We’ve been geocaching for 30 days in a row now and have done some good caches during that time. We broke quite a few records last weekend and we’ve been trying to continue this streak even though Morgan is back at school.

It was getting more and more difficult though as we had exhausted the geocaches in the local area so were beginning to have to travel a little further afield to fiind new ones and with limited time due to school and work that isn’t going to be possible every day. We have managed to solve a puzzle cache or two in Aberystwyth so found one of those after school the other day.



The second one that we’ve solved can wait for another day with limited time. We were lucky yesterday too as a whole new series of 11 caches went live. Now, we could have just done one of them and then strung the others out over the next 10 days just to keep our streak going, but no one else had found them yet so we had a choice of using them to extend our streak or getting First to Find (FTF) on them all. We went for the latter after school yesterday which was a good choice as it provided us with a nice little walk in the sunshine around the hills between Talybont and Penrhyncoch. The perfect wind down after a day at work and school.

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