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I may be a few years behind, but I’ve just finished the first volume of our Weblog Book for 2011. It’s 350 full colour pages of glorious memories. In essences it’s a glorified photo album, but with lots of text and lots of information about things we were up to a few years ago. As always it’ll be a lovely keepsake in years to come, and the fact that I’m a few years behind with producing these books is actually quite nice because it’ll already contain some memories that we had forgotten about – if that’s not an oxymoron?

As usual it’s taken ages to prepare. I might have all the text ready to go within the weblog that you are currently reading, but getting that and the images all laid out in a book format and then proof reading it all and turning it into a full scale hard cover book is quite an undertaking. It’s all worth it though, so on with Vol II for 2011, July to December.

Here’s a preview.

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  1. mum says:

    Couldn’t see preview on my kindle as don’t have the new version of abode thingy, I expect I can download it though?
    Anyway I’m sure it will be lovely when I see it in real life

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