Getting Ready for the Honey Show

With the Aberystwyth Beekeeping Association’s annual Honey Show fast approaching we thought we had better get a few entries organised.

  1. The schedule for the show is:
  2. Bottle of mead.
  3. Two one pound jars of light honey.
  4. Two one pound jars of medium honey.
  5. Two one pound jars of dark honey.
  6. Two one pound jars of granulated honey.
  7. Two one pound jars of heather honey.
  8. Cake of beeswax approx. 8oz in weight.
  9. Four cakes of beeswax approx. one ounce each.
  10. A shallow comb of honey suitable for extraction.
  11. Ornamental display, incorporating wax. Base of entry to be no more than 6inches in diameter.
  12. Cookery class – Ukranian Honey Cake
  13. Photo Competition: Honey, Beekeepers, Pollen, Hives, Queen

Out of all of these categories we can just about manage two one pound jars of honey, the Ukranian Honey Cake and some photos. We’ll also have a sample of our honey for the all important blind honey taste too.

I’ve made the cake already as I think it improves a little after a day or two. Although saying that I think I may have been a little premature making it four days early. I just hope it’s not past its best by tomorrow. The other problem with making it a few days early is that I’ve already eaten one of them as well – Lucky I made two. I haven’t iced it yet but I have made some yummy candied orange slices to decorate it with. I doubt if it’ll win any prizes though as it’s not the tastiest of cakes, but that’s because we are given a recipe to follow. If it were me I;d add more ginger to it.

Our ‘two one pound jars of honey’ will probably fit into the ‘light’ category, but having never entered honey into a show before, we aren;t really sure what we are supposed to do to give it an edge – we’re  not expecting to win anything here.

We have a few photos ready for the various categories as well, although we’ve been a bit lazy here simply finding photos that we already had for each category rather than taking some specifically for it.

Here are my entries

Here are Morgans entries

And here are Anna’s entries

It’s all good fun though and usually makes for an interesting and well humoured event so we’re looking forward to it. We’re not really into the pernickety nature of real ‘showing’ but its fun to take part and nice to make sure that there are at least a few entries for the various categories. The Association isn’t huge so there aren’t usually loads of entries so even though our efforts may not be on a par with the experts they do at least boost the entries a little. That’s not to take away from those who do take it a little more seriously, some of the entires can be pretty impressive, especially seeing as we now have a member who won best in show for her bees-wax at the National Royal Welesh Show. It’ll be a while before we can compete with the likes of that!

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